Call of Duty Mobile Global Release Date Confirmed: October 1

Activation confirms the Most anticipated Call of Duty Mobile release date yesterday via official Twitter handle. Call of Duty Mobile launches globally on October 1, 2019. The launch regions include USA, Europe, India.

Platforms to play

COD Mobile is a free-to-play game for both Android and iOS devices. You can play on Emulator in PC also. It can be played on every popular emulator ( bluestack, Gameloop, NOX, Memu) .

Game Modes

For the first time, COD brings both Multiplayer and Battle Royale experience together. Experience both Modern Warfare® and Black Ops series of games together in COD Mobile. Also a Zombie Mode will be available to play. But, no preview of this mode is leaked yet. It could be a time limited event.

Classic Call of Duty Experience: First Person Multiplayer Combat

Call of Duty Mobile Global Release Date Confirmed: October 1 1 Next Desk Guy | Tech, Gadgets, Gaming

At the very first, you will start with a quick tutorial. After which you’ll have the option to explore the Loadout Menu. It has up to five separate Loadouts with Primary and Secondary weapons, a Soldier type, an Operator Skill, Lethal and Tactical Equipment, and three Perks. Just like COD Modern Warfare® experience on PC.

Every Operator in the COD comes with three Scorestreaks, earned in-game by taking out enemies and completing objective tasks.

Rank up to earn and unlock classic Call of Duty characters, such as John “Soap” MacTavish and Simon “Ghost” Riley from the Modern Warfare series, as well as Alex Mason from the Black Ops series.

Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer will have following Game Modes. Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Gun Game, and Search & Destroy. Pick a preferred map, like Nuketown, Hijacked, Crash and more. You can also play to rank up yourself.

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale

Call of Duty Mobile Global Release Date Confirmed: October 1 2 Next Desk Guy | Tech, Gadgets, Gaming

Like the popular Battle Royale game PUBG, Call of Duty also have a Battle Royale Series. Call of Duty Black Ops series is the battle royale version available on pc and consoles. Now, Call of Duty Mobile also have Battle Royale mode. You will be dropped on a huge and unique open map featuring undulating terrain and locales from across the Call of Duty universe. You can play as Solo, Duo or Squad. You can also choose between First Person and Third Person perspective.

Currently, only one map is available in COD Mobile Battle Royale. But, we can expect more modification and new maps in the future.

Vehicles in COD Mobile

Available vehicles are helicopter, bikes, ATV, tactical rafts. Also you have to choose one of six classes before the game starts.

Multiplayers Modes in Call of Duty Mobile explained

Ir you are a COD lover then there is no need to explanation. The classic game modes from Call of Duty Modern Warfare are here in Call of Duty Mobile.


Kill players on the opposing team. You always spawn at your base. The first team to reach the score limit wins!

Team Deathmatch

Kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit

Team Deathmatch in PUBG MOBILE is inspired from COD.

Gun Game

Kill players with your weapon to advance to the next weapon. First to get a kill with each weapon wins!

Search and Destroy

Defend or destroy the objective. No respawns.


Capture and hold the designated locations to earn points and win.


Capture and hold the Hardpoint to earn points and win.

Besides these, some time-limited events like Free for All is also available but for limited time. Free for All is where each player will kill other players, no team up, no compromise.

Get Ready for October 1

You can preregister for Call of Duty Mobile on Playstore. Sign up for Call of Duty: Mobile on Android and iOS at to receive all the latest game updates and information. Registration is also open in China; go to to sign up within this region.

What about current Beta Testers of Call of Duty Mobile in Australia, Canada and Peru?

Currently, COD Mobile Early Access is available in Australia, Canada and Peru. Players from these regions will retain their progress in game.

Which countries will get Call of Duty Mobile?

At launch, Call of Duty: Mobile will be available in all App Store and Google Play supported countries. But, sad news for COD lovers in Belgium, mainland China, and Vietnam. They are not getting COD Mobile for now.

Discord Channel of Call of Duty Mobile

Discord is a community mainly for gamers. Call of Duty Mobile has a Server( with official dev support) on discord.

Call of Duty Mobile Discord Server invitation link:

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