Embr Wave Review : An innovative thermostat bracelet

You have to compromise AC temperature always? Is the workplace too hot or too cold for you? Do you often fight for the ac remote? Do You feel uncomfortable at the work? Well, Embr Wave will solve the problem. That day is here when you have a personal wearable thermostat bracelet.

What is Embr Wave?

Embr wave is a wearable thermostat. A little device, not little enough, looks like a screenless smart watch. Little bigger and heavier than Apple Watch.

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EMBR Wave Thermostat

You can wear Embr Wave either on the outside or on inside of your wrist. In the both ways, it will work fine. The magnetic clasp on the stainless metal band lets you adjust the product so that it is snug but comfortable.

Wearable Thermostat brought by MIT grads

Two MIT Engineering Students made Embr Wave in 2013. Later in 2017, they launched it on Kickstarter. It went on sale in March 2017.

They were working on other project. Some of them were uncomfortable with the room temperature. Then those two grads thought of personal thermostat idea. No need of air conditioner in the room, no fight for the ac remote. Every person will be comfortable.

And they started work on Embr wave. They presented their work in a science presentation and that got a huge positive response. After that, they have started it’s production.

How does Embr Wave works?

Embr wave is quite like a smart watch. You wear it on your wrist, push the buttons for either cold or hot. Within 3 to 5 minutes,you can feel the relief on your hand. The cold or heat comes in wave and lasts for up to 30 minutes.

Embr Wave how does it work

Embr’s co-founder and CEO Sam Shames described as a mini air conditioner or heater on your wrist. It does not change your core body temperature. It just only change your skin temperature. Just like holding a cup of coffee in the cold Or holding an ice cube in the warm weather.

Heating and cooling by Embr wave
Heating and cooling by Embr wave

The sensation of the heat in your hands makes you feel warmer but your core body temperature isn’t actually changing. Instead, the hot and cold sensations are is waking up thermoreceptors in the skin on your wrist and affecting your nervous system.

thermal Relief by Embr Wave

Does it work?

Yes it does. You will feel more comfortable wearing the bracelet though it is awkwardly bulky.

The battery lasts for 2 to 3 days.

Cons of Embr Wave

This personal wearable thermostat has some drawbacks.

The bracelet is a little bit bulky. You may feel its presence so badly while typing or using mouse.

If you have sensitive skin then may be this is not recommended for you as it might cause irritating.

The price is a little bit high. $300 for each bracelet makes the Embr wave expensive.

Should you buy it?

If you are so much uncomfortable at your workplace. Or you usually sweat or shivering at work, then this worth a try.

Now you can buy one for yourself at Embr Lab’s Official Website.

Feel free to share it with your colleague and friends who are having trouble at work.

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