How PlayerUnknowns BattleGround (PUBG) Started

Playerunknowns Battleground aka PUBG is a popular video game among the hardcore gamers, teens and those who just have started playing video game. PUBG gains success less than in a year. In this blog post I am going to put some lights on how Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene started PUBG by defining it’s own genre in the vast video gaming world. Additionally, I have included awesome PUBG Facts in this article.

PUBG Gameplay Next Desk Guy How PUBG started

What is PUBG?

The Gist is simple: 100 players land on a Intense Map filled with uncertain loots and vehicles. And the last man standing will get the “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”. Last 10 to 15 players usually feel the intense stress caused by the extreme uncertainty. If you have been seen before you see them then you are done!

Greene invent Zone Circle: first time ever in a Battle Royale game

Earlier, survival shooters would invariably run into the issue of campers just sitting and waiting for hours on end. Which made the games a little boring. Greene solved this inventing a Zone. This Zone shrinks every few minutes, condensing the map. You are outside and your health will be started to get lower. At first, the zone was Square in shape but due to Greene’s inexperience in programming, later he made the zone Circle in shape.

PUBG Gameplay | How PUBG Started

PUBG is very INTENSIVE : May be stressful is the better world

PUBG is sometimes, full of stress. Maybe “stressful” is the better word. Some gamers call it meditative. Battle Royale is a genre of Wants versus Needs. PlayerUnknowns Battleground just make it’s genre perfect. You want more ammo, a car to get inside the circle fast, a special weapon from a supply drop. But you need to keep moving, need to stay inside the circle, need to find cover. The constant time constraints forces you to make dumb choices for the sake of your survival. Should you go into a congested town for more weapons? Or camp in a remote place to increase your chance of survival? Decide yourself.

PUBG facts How PUBG Started

Kill First, Die Last

PlayerUnknowns Battleground’s unpredictable twistable gameplay, intense stress makes this game popular. That’s why it has won awards while in Early Access Stage.

When PUBG Started?

It’s has been quite almost a year since PlayerUnknowns Battleground is released to Windows platform globally on December 20, 2017 by PUBG Corporation. But before the main release PUBG was available in beta test Early Access version. Both through Steam Gaming Community from March 2017. Later Bluehole released it on February 9, 2018 and March 19, 2018 and September 4, 2018 respectively on Android and iOS Devices in China, Android and iOS Devices Globally and on the XBox.

How Playerunknowns Battleground aka PUBG Started?

Have you seen the movie Battle Royale? It’s a Japanese Film by Sinji Fukasaku released in 2000.

In The Movie, 42, 9 standard students were put together in a island. Japanese Government forced them to be last man standing to get out of that island. Government gave them limited resources. Quantity of foods were also limited. So, they fought with each other and who, stayed alive till the last, could get out of that island.

Find something similar?

Yes, that’s it. That’s the plot of today’s Playerunknowns Battleground aka PUBG Battle Royale Game. Greene finally got the Lightning Strike to his Battle Royale genre idea from this movie.

PUBG Gameplay | How PUBG Started

Why named ‘Playerunknowns’ Battleground or PUBG?

Well, before clearing this doubt, you have to know a fact. That, Greene is not only a web and graphics designer, he is a photographer, also a gamer. He used to play ARMA with player id “playerunknown”. He has played several action games and makes several mods in association with respective game companies.

That’s about how  “PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUND” come from. But Do You Know How the Acronym PUBG came from?

Yeah, you can say easily that it’s the short form of PlayerUnknowns BATTLEGROUND but, it comes through some other similar Acronyms.

PUBG wasn’t the first acronym Blue Hole choose. It was previously called ‘PUB’ & ‘PUGS.’ But later, they changed it to PUBG to make sure that the name ‘PUB’ not to be common with Pub/bar related search results and keywords.

Old repetitive fps games

Greene found most of the fps (first person shooter) games repetitive. All the maps are quite small, easy to remember for the hardcore gamers, old fashioned. ARMA 2 Mod turns Greene’s interest to a new possibility, a new era: Battle Royale. ARMA 2 Mod, also known as DayZ, received a good success in a Private Server game. Greene learnt programming and worked alongside ARMA 2 Production to create ARMA3 Mod.

Working with Sony: Making of H1Z1

Greene’s work with DayZ impressed Sony and made Sony recruit him as a consultant in making H1Z1 game.

H1Z1 has 2 parts,

  1. H1Z1: Just Survive
  2. H1Z1King of the Kill

The 2nd part, H1Z1: King of the Kill is of battle royale genre.

H1Z1 King of the kill

Working with Bluehole

Working in Making of H1Z1 made Greene confident about his plan. He still wanted to make something more interesting. Brendan wanted a game with large map, lot of uncertainties and hard to memorise with increased replayability.

In 2015, after success with H1Z1 in 2016, he met with Chang-han Kim, who was a senior executive of Bluehole Company (Now, CEO of PUBG Corp.). They both wanted to do something different. So Bluehole made a contract with Brendan Greene to work with them in making a new Battle Royale Game in 2016.

This was the first time a Korean game studio had brought aboard a foreigner for a Creative Director role. 

Brendan Greene

In a year, Our Team had almost complete the making of PlayerUnknowns Battleground. We started with 35 team crews and in a year, it increased to 70.

CH Kim, CEO of PUBG Corporation

The entire development for Battlegrounds was put into Bluehole Ginno Games in September 2017, which was renamed PUBG Corporation.

Bluehole release PUBG for the Windows platform through Steam’s Early Access Beta in March, 2017. Though it was in Beta, It became popular overnight. The beta was for 6 months but then Greene extended the Beta period.

In December, finally PUBG Corp released PUBG on Windows platform.

Currently PUBG Corporation has over 200 developers and designers with its own office in Korea and USA.

GREENE didn’t CREATE the Battle Royale Genre; he just DEFINED it PERFECTLY.

PUBG INFOGRAPHIC (click to see larger image)

PlayerUnknowns Battleground Records and PUBG Facts

  • Within the 3 days of pre release of the PUBG, It had earned 11 millions in USD.
  • Before the first 2 month of Steam’s Early Access of PUBG, two millions copies had been sold.
  • Fastest sold 1 million copies for a Steam Early Access game.
  • Fastest Steam Early Access Copy to earn 100 million in US Dollar.
  • Before September 2017, PUBG left DOTA 2 behind for Steam’s Most Concurrent Players Record.
  • The First ever game to cross 2 million concurrent players over Steam by the October, 2017. It also has crossed 3 million concurrent players on Steam.
  • Over 227 million monthly players, 87 million daily players plays PUBG.
  • Over 20 millions daily concurrent gamers plays PUBG.
  • PUBG Mobile Received 4 Best Game of the Year Award on the Playstore in 2018.


All these facts are up-to-date until December, 2018.


Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok , these three maps have been added to date in PUBG.

PUBG Facts are not complete without saying how these maps cames.

Well, well, Maps of PUBG is not totally fictional, these have real world backgrounds. In my upcoming post, I am going to spot lights on these.

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