UTS Online- Book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online in India

Indian Railway is one of the largest organization in the world. Earlier, we can book reservation of rail tickets, rail rest room, retiring room online. Now you can also book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online from your smartphone. Whether it’s Android or iOS or Windows Platform, you can book tickets. This post is only for the Indian readers.

Imagine, you are in hurry and after you reach the station, you see that there is long queues before the ticket booking counter. You have to buy ticket and the time is short. What will you do?

Now this problem has a solution. Book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online and avoid the queue and save your time. Here is the complete guide how to book.

The App is available on the Google Playstore, Windows App Store, iOS App Store. Download and install to book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online in India.

Open App and select Book Ticket

Open the app. You will see a screen like this. Select Book Ticket.

UTS ONLINE book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online in India

In the next Screen, You will see various kind of booking. Select any option and book your tickets by entering Source and Destination, number of passengers, train type and journey type.

UTS ONLINE book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online in India

All the Booking Options are discussed here in detail

Normal Booking and Quick Booking in UTS Online

If you choose Normal Booking option, you have to enter Source and Destination manually. Where in Quick Booking option, Source and Destination will be put by the app itself from your previously selected choice.

Platform Ticket

Is there any necessity to explain this Option? Of course not. The heading is telling what it is itself. Yes, You also can book Platform Ticket Online through this app.

Season Ticket

Season Ticket also known as Monthly Tickets could also be booked through UTS Online App. Season Tickets of One Month, Three Months, Six Months and One Year are available on UTS Online App.

QR Booking

If you are on the Station platform, You CAN’T BOOK Tickets on UTS Online App via Normal Booking and Quick Booking. All you can is Book by QR. The QR is placed near the ticket counter of the station.

UTS ONLINE book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online in India

R Wallet

UTS ONLINE book Unreserved Railway Ticket Online in India

Tried of putting Debit Card info everytime you book railway train ticket online via UTS online App? Now you can recharge your R Wallet with Paytm, PhonePe like online wallet and debit cards, credit Cards or net banking. Everytime you Recharge your R Wallet, you will get 10% extra. As an example. I recharge 100 Rupees in my wallet and I get 110 Rupees. The minimum amount of recharge is 100 Rupees. The amount is not transferable.

GPS is used to ensure the liability of the ticket. You can’t book ticket while moving fast. Which ensure that you can’t book your ticket in running train. Or if you think you will book ticket while in the train stops at any station, then YOU CAN’T. you can’t book within 4 meters from the rail track. It’s almost foolproof and in my opinion, it has some areas to improve.

After all, UTS Online App is a nice step ahead as the plan of Digital India.


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